The following links take you to the User Office pages.  Please note that commercial clients are non-reimbursed users.

  • Meals: if you are a frequent visitor, it is possible to request an Annual canteen card - please contact us directly (email us here).
  • Safety training. Please note that as a user of the ESRF, you must follow an obligatory interactive safety training course on the web. You must follow this training course BEFORE you come to the ESRF and BEFORE the A Form is submitted.  It is not possible for the Main Contact to submit the A Form (site entry, accommodation, etc) if you have not followed and validated this safety training electronically.  You should log on here and select the tab "Safety": The course lasts about 20 minutes and is valid for a year.
  • Visa requirements. Persons of nationality other than that of European Union countries, the UK, USA or Japan are advised that a visa will probably be necessary to enter France. Bear in mind that you must apply for a visa at least one month before your expected departure for Grenoble. If you require a French visa, our Personnel Department can supply you with a special Form called "Protocole d'Accueil d'un chercheur ou d'un enseignant-chercheur étranger" ("Protocol for welcome of foreign scientist or teacher-scientist") provided you communicate to the Business Development Officet by e-mail (industry) the following information : First name - Last name - Nationality - Date and place of birth - Private address - Position - Employer's name - Employer's address - Dates of your stay - Address during your stay in France.