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Synchrotron@School is an innovative educational programme which originated in 2013 as a partnership between the ESRF and the “Académie de Grenoble”.

The programme consists of a full day of scientific immersion tailored specifically for high-school students. These days are followed by more than 1500 students a year.


  • to promote sciences and scientific careers to pupils
  • to contribute to the development of a scientific and technical culture and to the understanding of the relationship between science and society
  • to introduce young people to the functioning of a major international research centre and to the different types of research carried out
  • to raise awareness of the diversity of professions at the ESRF
  • to strengthen the scientific knowledge linked to school curriculums
  • to provide students with an experience of group work, autonomy, and oral and written communication

Synchrotron@School is part of GIANT@School, which offers various educational actions on the GIANT campus.

Find out more about the Synchrotron@School days: