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Sci-Tech -- Couldn’t be without it!


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Could you be without it ?

Would you be able to cope without mobile phones, cars, CD-players, the Web, antibiotics, nylon stockings, contact lenses and play-stations ? This is the question being asked of Europeans by seven of the continent’s leading research organizations (CERN, ESA, ESO, EFDA, EMBL, ESRF, ILL) in a joint outreach programme.


Sci-Tech -- Couldn’t be without it, which was launched last month, aims to show how today’s technology has its origins in fundamental research. It invites people to vote for their top-ten technologies in an on-line survey and features a Web site that reveals the background to such technologies. The programme also provides teaching kits that explain to students how these pieces of technology work and the benefits of a career in science. ESRF is already involved in this project and intends to give valuable contributions about applied technologies that have a link with the science done at ESRF.




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