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Tribute to Jacques Villain


It is with great sadness that we have learned of the death of Jacques Villain, one of France's finest theoretical physicists and a long-time ESRF collaborator.

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Jacques Villain had been a member of the French Academy des Sciences since 2000. He joined the ILL, the Institut Laue Langevin, in 1970 before moving to the CEA Grenoble in 1975, where he spent most of the rest of his career, becoming Director of research. After he left the CEA, he joined the ESRF Theory Group as a scientific visitor. The scientific exchanges the ESRF teams had with him were invaluable, particularly for the students and young scientists.

At 88 years old, Jacques Villain was still active, with a sharp mind; his intellectual vigour and his enthusiasm for science were truly fascinating, as was his passion for sharing his knowledge with others, young and old, experts and learners alike.

We will miss him greatly and send our sincere condolences to his family at this very sad time.


Picture credit: Dauphiné Libéré

Top image: Credit: Dauphiné Libéré