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The ESRF welcomes French Ministers


On 2 September 2022, the ESRF welcomed Sylvie Retailleau, French Minister of Research and Higher Education, and Olivier Veran, French Government Spokesperson and Minister in charge of democratic renewal.

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This visit was the opportunity to mark the first two years of successful operation of ESRF-EBS, the first-of-a-kind generation of synchrotron light source, with a symbolic ribbon-cutting on the Experimental Hall footbridge.

The ministers visited two new EBS beamlines: ID27, the high-pressure beamline, and BM18, the high-throughput, large-field, phase-contrast tomography beamline, with a presentation of the Human Organ Atlas project.

"The ESRF is an extraordinary example among research large scale infrastructures. It paves the way for multidisciplinary work for researchers around the world, in key fields such as health, energy, environment." said the Minister Sylvie Retailleau.

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