Workshop Dates

Thursday, 18 December 2014
from 9:00 to 18:00

Venue   ESRF Auditorium
Program Committee M. Wulff (chair)
Narayanan Theyencheri
Sakura Pascarelli
Pieter Glatzel
contact organisers
Administrative Assistant Eva Jahn


The ESRF has a dedicated beamline ID09B for time resolved diffraction, scattering and x-ray emission spectroscopy. The beamline is being upgraded with new undulators, optics, lasers and detectors. This 2.6 M€ project, which runs under the acronym UPBL9b, is financed by the ESRF Upgrade Program (2009-2015).  ID09B will continue to run in time-sharing mode with ID09A (high pressure) until Jan 2016 after which the beamline will become fully dedicated to time resolved work. That will thus double the available beamtime and the staffing of the beamline.

Image ID9b worskhop.JPG


The workshop will review the details in the upgrade and discuss the expectations for new experiments.  The invited speakers will show examples of their recent work, from ID09 and elsewhere, and propose how to make best use of the new resources. Some of the key questions is the importance of having a XANES/EXAFS option and how to face the challenge from Free Electron Lasers with ultra short x-ray pulses (< 100fs).

Registration is closed.

The talks are open to staff on the EPN site in Grenoble.