13 & 14 May 2014

Venue : ILL Chadwick Amphitheatre

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Meeting Scope:
Scanning X-ray monochromators using perfect crystal Bragg optics for spectroscopy applications present highly demanding engineering challenges. There is a large variety of different designs that are implemented at synchrotron radiation sources around the world. This workshop will review currently used monochromator designs and related technologies including crystal cooling with evaluation of their performance and discuss advantages and problems. New X-ray sources with higher power loads and smaller emittances require improvements of the current designs. We will discuss possible solutions for some applications e.g. wiggler beamlines and of nano-focused beams. The aim is to encourage discussion between beamline scientists and engineers regarding

  1. the current state of fixed-exit monochromator technologies
  2. the perceived needs and possible pathways towards the development of improved instruments

Attendance of the meeting is by invitation only. The number of talks will be limited/short and the number of participants less than 40 in order to foster lively discussion. We aim to have a selection of participants that is representative of different applications, different X-ray sources and using monochromators from different companies. The choice of participants will be strongly biased towards experts and sources which have established activities in the performance characterization and/or instrumentation development related to fixed-exit crystal monochromators. In order to maximize attendance by the key experts in the field, the ESRF will provide travel and subsistence support for participants.


  • Performance characterization (offline/online).
  • Future requirements (Energy range, angular repeatability)
  • Cooling strategies
  • Alignment and maintenance issues
  • Mechanical stability
  • Fixed-exit strategies
  • Crystal mounting
  • Fast and or continuous scanning
  • Feedback stabilization

Poster Session:
Poster Panels will be surrounding the coffee break area , next to the Chadwick Amphitheatre in the ILL entrance hall - You are most welcome to display your poster on any panel, for the duration of the workshop.