Sample Pillar

At BM26, the standard mounting for samples and sample environment is a sample pillar with motorised translation and rotation movements.

All positions refer to a right handed reference system, with z the VERTICAL direction, x the direction ALONG the BEAM, positive y direction POINTING OUT of the wall closer to the synchrotron ring.

The detailed technical sheet of the sample pillar can be found here here. Below essential useful information.

sample_pillar_technical_xyz.png 20210401_150338.jpg


Sample pillar is equipped with a number of translational and rotational motors. Respectively, use:

mv name_of_motor 10

mvr name_of_motor 10

ascan name_of_motor 10 20 30 0.5

dscan name_of_motor -5 5 10 0.5

for absolute move of 10, relative move by 10, absolute scan from 10 to 20 with 30 steps (0.5 seconds per step), relative scan by +/- 5 with 10 steps (0.5 seconds per step; relative scan brings back motor to initial position) of the motor.

sx, sy, sz translations:

sx.jpg sy.jpg sz.jpg




X and y cradle rotations:

xcradle.jpg xycradle.jpg

cradle rotation around x axis

cradle rotation around y axis

Axmoz, Axmoy, sampley translation, Gonio rotiation:

axmoy.jpg axmoz.jpg

axmoy translational table

axmoz translational table

gonio.jpg sampley.jpg

rotation around z axis

translation along y direction


2-Circle HUBER stage:

We use M6 screws with 25mm spacing, see this picture below:










Sample Pillar motors' specifications


IMG-20191118-WA0007.jpeg IMG-20191118-WA0010.jpeg




Kinematic Base / Magnetic Plate


Magnetic plate Magnetic plate in beamline


Kinematic base KB3X3

Square Base with a Central 1/4"-20 (M6) Through Hole
and Nine 1/4"-20 (M6) Tapped Holes

See Thorlabs

Mount sample environment on magnetic plate.

If your sample is small enough to fit on the plate, you can use it for your experiment.

Easy to change samples and standardized.