Here are links to possible suppliers of

  • diamond windows : mboptics
  • mica sheets : Attwater  (and search for Mica Products in "Our Products" -> " Laminates and Rods"; typical size are 25micron thick and 40mm diameter) and  Micro To Nano (and search for "Muscovite Mica Discs"; typical size are 0.15-0.21 mmm thickness and 25 mm, 20 mm, 15 mm diameter)

for use as X-ray window materials.

Kinematic bases: see Thorlabs .

Rectangular glass capillaries from Hilgenberg: we are often making use of rectangular glass capillaries, typically 80 mm Length, ~ 0,125 mm wall thickness, 4,2 x 1,25 mm outside dimensions (article no. 1408963). See this picture as example:

 Hilgenberg.jpg .