Before Coming

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Admin tasks

Make sure that the following tasks are accomplished prior to coming on the beamline:

  • Form A filled and submitted.
  • Safety training completed for each person coming on the beamline.

Sample preparation

Various kind of sample holders can be used on FIP:

  • Crystals can be screened directly in their crystallization plate. In some cases, complete dataset can be collected this way. These “in situ” experiments can be performed with a large variety of SBS microplates and several kinds of microchips.
  • Frozen crystals has to be mounted on SPINE standard caps (from HamptonResearch, Molecular Dimension or Mitegen) and placed on SPINE cryocontainers (or vials). If you intend to use the sample changer, bring the caps+vial holders stored in ESRF-EMBL baskets. 5 baskets can be stored in the classical CX100 Dry Shipper.
  • If required, samples can be frozen on the beamline. A sample preparation room is available for this operation (see here).
  • Samples at room temperature in capillaries can also be mounted on SPINE caps. In this specific case, the transfer to the goniometer head will have to be performed manually.