Guidelines for sample preparation / sample environments

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Shipping to the ESRF:

>> Please use the ICAT Sample Tracking System. Users can now create a parcel for an already scheduled experiment session (the user has to be either on the A-form for the session, or be the main proposer or one of the co-proposers on the proposal), and add items like sample sheets or equipment. Updated informations on sample sheet and experiment session are send automatically from SMIS to ICAT. These samples must first be validated by the Safety group and then transferred to ICAT. 

A web page has been set up to explain the process of shipment preparation to the users (section 4). The web page link with full instructions for preparing remote experiments, including the link to the ICAT sample tracking system, are send to the users along with the experiment invitation letter.   

Once the parcel has arrived at the ESRF Stores, the local contact will be notified via e-mail. The ESRF label on the parcel should indicate the required storage condition such as room temperature, refrigerated, etc.

Returning from the ESRF:

>> If you want return shipment of your samples, then the ESRF return label should be furnished inside the parcel. Otherwise, samples will be safely disposed off. 

Further Information