ESRF - EBS Workshop Series


Hands on ! High-pressure techniques at the ESRF-EBS

ESRF - Grenoble - France
17 - 21 June 2019

Venue   ESRF auditorium

Angelika Rosa, ESRF Grenoble
Gaston Garbarino, ESRF Grenoble

Assistants   Eva Jahn, Sonya Girodon



This school aims to give an introduction to high pressure research at synchrotron radiation facilities and to present the unique opportunities in this field with the ESRF-EBS (Extremely Brilliant Source) upgrade. It comprises lectures covering the basic principles of SR techniques used to explore matter at extreme conditions. The new capabilities of the EBS machine and the upgraded beamlines will be also presented in detail. Lectures will be completed with “hands-on” step by step practicals. We would like to promote a lively exchange between experts in the field and our future user community on instrumental developments to exploit the EBS upgrade.

Be ready ! for the restart of the ESRF-EBS and next generation synchrotrons !

The EBS, together with beamline upgrades and technical advancements in high pressure instrumentation, will offer new and unique research opportunities for studies at extreme conditions.

  1. Increase in brilliance                 ⇒   more flux to study highly diluted and low Z elements
  2. Lower horizontal emittance   ⇒   smaller beamsizes to probe matter at multi Mbar
  3. Higher coherence                      ⇒   fractions for better imaging    

We will train you ! in high P and high/low T techniques including the diamond anvil cell (resistively heated, laser-heated and cryogenic cooled), the autoclave, the Paris-Edinburgh press and the Large-volume-press. Lectures will be held in the morning. In the afternoon, small groups of 5 people will be trained in one technique step by step throughout the week.


Pre-registration :  07/04/2019

Notification of acceptance: 26/04/2019

Final Registration: 06/05/2019