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The ESRF User Meeting 2024 kicks off


It is one of the busiest times of the year for the ESRF. The marquee is up, the posters are printed and ready to go, the ESRF scientists are preparing the last details of their talks and tutorials. In three days, a total of 382 users from 22 countries and ESRF scientists will be able to attend keynote lectures, poster sessions, microsymposia and tutorials.

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“Having almost 400 people participating to the User Meeting shows the good health of this meeting and the interest our community has in keeping abreast of the latest developments at the ESRF and its desire to exchange with local scientists on their scientific projects”, explains Stéphanie Malbet-Monaco, deputy head of the User Office. Michael Krisch, Director of Research for Life Sciences adds: "The ESRF User Meeting serves as a pivotal nexus for PhD students and early career researchers, providing a dynamic platform for them to converge, connect, and exchange insights with more senior scientists".

This year is a special one, as the ESRF is celebrating 30 years of User Operation. "Following three decades of unwavering commitment to scientific excellence, the ESRF continues to thrive, with promising prospects for further advancements in science and the User Meeting stands as a testament to this", says Gema Martínez-Criado, ESRF Director of Research for Physical Sciences.

"The User Meeting holds great significance in the scientific life of ESRF, allowing our scientific user community to gather, reflect on previous experiments, foster collaborations and prepare proposals that leverage the unique performance of the ESRF-EBS," says Francesco Sette. "30 years after the first operation and first user science of the ESRF, I am proud to celebrate with you today the success of ESRF upgrade programmes and EBS, and to note the same high levels of enthusiasm to shape ESRF science and keep it at the forefront for the coming years."



Top image: The User Meeting 2023 during its plenary session. Credits: Bruno Lavit.