The annual event dedicated to the ESRF user community: learn about, discuss and experience the science and cutting-edge research made with ESRF synchrotron light


2019 has been the year of the ESRF “Extremely Brilliant Source” (EBS) project. The construction of the first of a new generation of low emittance, high energy synchrotrons, which will boost the brilliance and coherence of the X-rays, is a strategic project for the future of the ESRF and its user community. The annual ESRF User Meeting will be held in early February 2020, two months into intense electron beam commissioning and less than a month before the beginning of beamline commissioning and, more importantly, the first proposal submission deadline for beam time with the new source (deadline on 2nd March 2020). The user community will be gearing up to prepare new proposals to exploit the outstanding scientific opportunities, and the ESRF User Meeting will be the ideal opportunity to hear the latest news and to discuss and prepare new ideas and proposals.

The four keynote speakers of the plenary session will give a flavour of the cutting-edge research which can be carried out with the help of the ESRF, and of the important challenges facing the European synchrotron and FEL user facilities and communities. The Directors’ facility report will give the latest news on the EBS commissioning and beamline restart plan as well as important facility updates concerning data management challenges, implementation of the data policy and the beamline control system. The poster clips will give a flavour of the broad scope of user science which will be on display during the evening poster session and cocktail, and finally the presentation of the ESRF Young Scientist Award 2020 and the talk by the winner will complete the plenary session of the User Meeting 2020. Three User-Dedicated Microsymposia and eight user tutorials will complete the User Meeting activities, giving users the opportunity to present their research and to discuss and exchange with other users, colleagues and staff.

The ESRF user community is warmly invited to participate in the ESRF User  Meeting 2020 through the submission of abstracts and posters and by meeting together onsite for discussion, interaction and networking.

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Overall Programme




Monday 3 February 2020


This year eight tutorials covering a wide range of theoretical and practical topics of direct interest to ESRF users will be organised and offered to users on the first day of the event. Topics range from the use of coherent X-rays for imaging and dynamical studies to exploiting data for a variety of SR techniques. The tutorials last from several hours up to 1 day, and in many cases the number of participants is limited; those interested are therefore invited to register as soon as possible after registration opens. Each tutorial will be animated by experts and we encourage you to take this opportunity to work closely with these experts and with users who have similar interests and requirements.

In the first instance, these tutorials are not open to ESRF staff since priority for attending is given to external participants. However, ESRF staff interested in attending will have the possibility to register on a waiting list of the desired tutorial through their registration form. After the deadline, any available places will be allocated on a first come-first served basis, according to the registration date.

Tutorials: programme and scopes

Tuesday 4 February 2020


Plenary Session programme

Wednesday 5 February 2020

  • UDM1.  "In situ and operando X-ray absorption spectroscopy for the study of catalysts and functional materials"  
  • UDM2.  "Nanomaterials life cycle: from nanoengineering to public health"  
  • UDM3.  "Multi-crystal and serial data collection in structural biology"

Microsymposia: Programmes & Scopes


Registration fees

The registration fees are:

  • 150 Euro for regular participants
  • 50 Euro for PostDoc and PhD Students

The registration fees are waived for ESRF, CRG, EMBL, ILL and IBS staff.

Registration fee & payment


Organisation of your visit to the ESRF

Consult our page "Practical information" (travel, site access, accommodation and catering information).


Meeting Secretariat

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