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How to reach Grenoble and the ESRF

Participants are requested to make their own travel arrangements to and from Grenoble, and to cover their own travel expenses.

  • Map of the joint ESRF / ILL / EMBL site



Airports closest to Grenoble are :


BUS Connections from Grenoble downtown (hotels) to the ESRF

The Bus 34 "Poisat/Premol -  Polygone Scientifique/Sassenage" links the ESRF with Grenoble Centre and the railway station. The journey takes approximately 10-15 minutes.

The cost of a one-way ticket is 1,50  Euro (a 10 trip ticket costs 12,30 Euro).



  • From GRENOBLE DOWNTOWN to ESRF: The Bus 34 has two terminuses and these are indicated on the front of the bus: "Polygone Scientifique" or "Sassenage". Both buses stop at the "Polygone Scientifique". The "Polygone Scientifique" stop is just next to the ESRF site entrance.
  • When leaving the ESRF to go GRENOBLE DOWNTOWN: make sure that you take the bus in direction of "Poisat-Premol" (do NOT take the bus direction "Sassenage").


Site Access

The site is a restricted area and you will be asked to report at the site entrance on arrival. You will need to produce proof of identification (e.g. passport, ID card) to be able to enter.

You will be given a "Three-Way Meeting" badge (either at the site entrance or at the registration desk of the event) : please wear this badge on site over the whole period of the event. This badge is also your site access badge: you will be asked to present it at the site entrance each time you wish to enter on site during the event.


Shops and services

Shops, banks and postal services can be found in central Grenoble. Please note that banks are closed on Saturdays afternoon, Sundays and Mondays.

More information on Grenoble area activities.


February in Grenoble is frequently crisp and cold. The average maximum temperature for mid-February is 8°C, and average minimum temperature 0°C. Frost and snow are possible, so you are advised to bring gloves and warm, weatherproof clothing and footwear. The forecast for Grenoble for the next 4 days is available at Yahoo Weather - Grenoble. Details of places to visit and ski resorts are available at Grenoble-Isere Tourism.

If you intend to ski, remember also to pack sunglasses and protective sun cream.