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Workshop on Synchrotron and Neutron Applications of High Magnetic Fields


     Grenoble - October 17-19, 2012


Speaker Presentations


    The last ten years have seen a growing interest for the combined use of high magnetic field and synchrotron or neutron sources. Several large-scale projects, offering the opportunity to measure in high magnetic fields up to 40 T at advanced sources, have been spawned worldwide motivated by the discovery of new compounds with spectacular or exotic properties driven by different electronic correlation effects.

    The aim of the workshop is to bring together the communities of scientists investigating (or willing to investigate) condensed matter by techniques combining high magnetic fields and synchrotron or neutron facilities.

    The workshop will be the occasion for the presentation of the recent scientific breakthroughs and instrumental developments performed in the area. It will give the opportunity to evaluate the state of the art, identify ongoing and future projects and the need for further developments.

The workshop is supported by EuroMagNet II (www.euromagnet2.eu), the EMFL (www.emfl.eu), the ESRF (www.esrf.eu), the ILL (www.ill.eu) and the CEA-Grenoble (inac.cea.fr).


Organizing committee

Laurent Chapon (ILL, GRENOBLE)
Carsten Detlefs (ESRF, GRENOBLE)
Fabienne Duc (LNCMI, TOULOUSE)
Louis Pierre Regnault (CEA, GRENOBLE)
Christian Vettier (ESRF, GRENOBLE)

Scientific advisory committee

C. Broholm (Johns Hopkins University, USA)
A. Hiess (The European Spallation Source, Sweden)
S. Langridge (ISIS, United Kingdom)
H. Nojiri (Institute for Materials Research, Japan)
K. Prokes (Helmoltz-Zentrum Berlin, Germany)
G. Rikken (Laboratoire National des Champs Magnétiques Intenses,  France)
T. Ziman (Institut Laue Langevin, France)


Administrative Coordinators 

Brigitte Dubouloz, ILL (dubouloz@ill.fr)
Fabienne Mengoni, ESRF (synemag@esrf.fr)
Amélie Pic, LNCMI (Amelie.Pic@lncmi.cnrs.fr)
Aline Schwoob, LNCMI, Grenoble(Aline.Schwoob@lncmi.cnrs.fr)