The 8th International Conference
on the
Physics of X-Ray Multilayer Structures

12-16 March 2006

X-ray multilayer structures of designed nanometer d-spacing enable construction of short-wavelength optical instruments operating in the EUV, soft X-ray and hard X-ray range, with important technological and scientific applications ranging from photolithography, X-ray microscopy, astronomy and solar physics, plasma physics, synchrotron radiation, X-ray and free-electron lasers, and others. Continued progress in the development of structure controlled multilayers requires deeper understanding of the X-ray optical physics, as well as the material science of these nanometer-scale heterostructures. Papers are solicited on any topic related to the development, understanding or use of X-ray multilayers.

This 8th meeting continues our tradition of holding the biyearly PXRMS conference in a winter resort environment, this year in Sapporo, a location of Winter Olympics in Japan. Succeeding to the 7th meeting in Rusutu, we will move the location to the city center for easier access from abroad. Our hope is that this much attractive informal setting promotes the free exchange of new ideas and leads to better understanding and control of film growth, interface formation, microstructure development, performance, and characterization techniques in general, with potential extension of these to new applications.