A substantial increase in the number of users and experiments is expected due to implementation of the Upgrade Programme of the ESRF and its neighboring institute, the ILL. The objective of this work package is to address the feasibility of a single entry point for the User Community to the ESRF and ILL facilities. A single entry point could help in managing users, experiments, tracking results and publications and could act as a foundation for a broader impact with an EU-wide user database. The ESRF and ILL are planning forthcoming partnerships, where a single user management system would help in smoothing operation between the two institutes. The question of joint applications for both neutron and photon experiments for scientific areas will also be addressed.

The feedback of ILL and ESRF users is crucial for this study. So as to share it collaboratively, we are organizing the following workshop:

The study will:

- Report on the impact and benefits of a single entry point.

- Assess which scientific areas could benefit most and which could be promoted with joint applications for experiment time both at ESRF and ILL.

- Assess the practical issues effecting the operation of a single entry point.

-If the overall impact is positive, propose a working structure and methodology for a single entry point system This work package has strong links to WP9 which concerns a feasibility study on a new scientific management system.