L. Assoufid

Wave Optic Performance Simulation Using Actual Metrology Data for a Hard X-ray Free-Electron Laser Oscillator Cavity Mirror system

 F. Masiello

Analysis of measured rocking curves of diamond crystals

 R. Mokso

The study of hard x-ray full-field microscope based on beamshaping condenser lens

 A. Rommeveaux

A database of X-ray mirror profiles

 L. Samoylova

Simulation of Wavefront Propagation through Hard X-ray XFEL Beamline: First Results

 M. Sánchez del Río

Modeling optical surfaces by Non-Uniform Rational B-Splines (NURBS)

 A. Singer

Transverse Coherence Properties of the Free-Electron-Laser FLASH at DESY

 P. Vagovič

Computer simulation of parameters of X-ray diffractive optics

 P. Willendrup

McStas 1.12 - a New Release of the Flexible Neutron Ray-tracing Package

 P. Willendrup

Virtual vs. real world experiments - validation of McStas components

 P. Willendrup

Theory, simulations and experiments - a neutron scattering course at University of Copenhagen