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Beamline instrumentation software and possible collaboration

between synchrotrons in Europe

13 and 14 january 2011 - ESRF, Grenoble



You can download the FINAL REPORT

09:00 Introduction + Goal of Workshop - (A.Götz)

09:15 Detector Control – Laurent Claustre (Chairman)

1.    LIMA  2D Framework - (L.Claustre)

2.    AreaDetector 2D Framework - (N.Rees)

3.    Distributed Fast Acquisitions systems for Multi Detectors experiments (A. Buteau)
Discussion: A 2d detector API for suppliers of detectors for synchrotrons. Can the same API be used for 1d detectors?


10:40 High Data Throughput – Andy Götz (Chairman)

1.    ESRF – High Data Throughput Detectors (A.Homs)

2.    DIAMOND - Networks/computing - (N.Rees)

3.    SLS beamline infrastructure - (H.Billich)
"Data acquisition at high data rates with 2d-Detectors: Storage, network, compute nodes - What did work for Pilatus? What will future detectors need?

4.    Past Present Future -  PILATUS - (M.Kobas)
Discussion : What is the ideal infrastructure solution for high data throughput ? Will this satisfy future needs ?


14:00 Hardware Synchronisation - Laurent Claustre (Chairman)

1.    Introduction - (G.Berruyer)

2.    DANCE hardware platform -( J.Clement)

3.    SOLEIL  hardware synchronisation  -(P.Betinelli)

4.    DIAMOND  hardware synchronisation - (N.Rees)
Discussion : How to synchronize experiments


16:00 Middleware - Laurent Claustre (Chairman)

  1. TANGO for non dancers - (A.Götz)
  2. asyn drivers for EPICS - (N.Rees)
    Discussion : How to share TANGO servers and EPICS drivers


16:30 Beamline Control Sequencer Andy Götz (Chairman)

1.      "GDA - Creating, as a community, a customisable Java software framework to operate experiments on synchrotron facilities" (P.Gibbons) 

2.      "NOMAD: the interactive way to control experiments" (P.Mutti)

3.      "Feedback on using on a large scale basis a workflow editor (Passerelle) for automation of beamline alignment,  experimental setup and data collections" (M. Ounsy)

4.      SARDANA - (J.Klora)
Discussion : What are the requirements of a good sequencer. Are the different sequencers addressing different problems ? Can we share anything if we use different sequencers


14 January

09:00             Beamline Graphical LayerAndy Götz (Chairman)

1.      TAURUS - (T.Couthino)

2.      Data Analysis Workbench - (M.Gerring)

3.      BLISS Framework 4 - (M.Guijarro)        

11:00             Data management - Laurent Claustre (Chairman)

1.    HDF5 / Nexus - (A.Sole)

2.    CDM - (A.Buteau)
Discussion : Is HDF5 sufficient as the only answer for the whole synchrotron community?
Do we need another layer to integrate other synchrotron data formats e.g. CDM ?


13:30             Data Analysis Andy Götz (Chairman)

1.      Data Manager - (C.Guilloud )

2.      Data Analysis Sequencing - EDNA (O.Svensson)

3.      MacroServer data management (ALBA)
Discussion : How to manage and integrate data analysis sequences for a variety of experiments ?

"Impressions and some conclusion" (by Vicente Rey)