This page explains:

- Proposals for CRG beamtime

- CRG private beamtime access proposal submission

- CRG private beamtime access report submission & publications

For any electronic submission you may want to do at the ESRF (proposal, report, A-form, sample sheet), access your account via ESRF User Portal (SMIS).

^ Proposals for CRG beamlines

The CRG beamlines have their proper review committees and they give 33% of their user mode to ESRF proposals. In the ESRF proposal submission application one can chose either to submit a standard ESRF proposal or to submit to the CRG committee. In order to submit directly to the CRG committee, next to the CRG button you can list all existing CRG beamlines from which you select the one you want to submit your proposal to. You will directly arrive on the proposal form of the chosen beamline. If you can read on top of the form "Application for Beamtime at ESRF" you are on the site for official ESRF Proposal submission. For a CRG Proposal you can always verify at the title of the form if you are at the right place since you should find there the chosen beamline's name.

^ CRG private beamtime access proposal submission

To request peer-review CRG private beamtime access, you will need to:

  1. Log into the ESRF User Portal (SMIS). Ensure that all members of the proposals have an account and have filled their own "My publications" as this will be used to prefill the proposal form part.
  2. Create a draft proposal:
    1. In the tab menu "Proposals/Experiments" click on the sub-menu "New Proposal", you will be redirected to the Proposal creation page.
    2. Select the proposal type Collaborative Research Group (CRG).
    3. Select the appropriate CRG experiment group according to the beamline you want to access.
    4. Select the appropriate proposal lineage (new, continuation or resubmission). In case of continuation or resubmission, select the corresponding previous linked proposal.
    5. Click on the "Create" button. The draft proposal will be created and will be accessible at any time in the "My draft proposals" section of the "Proposals" page. You will be redirected directly to the proposal form to be filled.
  3. Fill the proposal application by: 
    1. Filling all mandatory fields of the proposal form (mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk). 
    2. Register all sample-sheets linked to your proposal application: At least one sample-sheet form is requested. Materials with similar composition should be grouped in one sample-sheet form.
    3. Upload a project description file as pdf using the CRG_project_description_template, matching the file constraints (3MB max., 2 pages max., non encrypted).
    4. Submit your proposal application: when all information has been provided, the submit button will be active, click on it to submit your proposal application.


Please note that:

  • Any information entered in the draft proposal is automatically saved and can be edited by the Principal Investigator or the Alternative Contact of this proposal up until proposal application submission.
  • Co-proposers registered in the proposal form will be able to view the different parts of the proposal application and will be able to edit sample-sheet form. 
  • The interface displays the completeness status of the different parts of the proposal and within each tab of the different form via:
    • a red warning icon when mandatory information is missing.
    • a blue check icon if all mandatory information has been filled.
  • Once submitted, the proposal application is not editable anymore and will be available for consultation in the "My submitted proposals" section of the "Proposals" page. Please verify carefully your application before submitting it. If you made a mistake, please contact the CRG liaison office.

^ Private CRG beamtime access Publications & Experiment Reports

It is user's duties to provide a report for each beamtime access within the 3 months after the end date of the experiment session. This report is submitted via the ESRF User Portal (SMIS) following these steps:

  1.  Log into the ESRF User Portal (SMIS).
  2. Click on the "Proposals" item of the tab menu "Proposals/Experiments".
  3. Go to the corresponding proposal in the "My submitted proposals" section and clik on the "Reports" button.
  4. Upload your pdf file based on the template Experiment_Report_template, matching the file constraints (3MB max., 2 pages max., non encrypted).

You are also expected for publications using data collected at the ESRF to: