All thirty of the ESRF public beamlines have been operational since 1999. Two of these possess two end-stations, so there are thirty two end-stations in total, which can be run independently. An additional sixteen beamline branches, situated on bending magnets, are devoted to Collaborating Research Groups (CRG). Eleven of the CRG beamlines are now in operation (including GRAAL), the others are being commissioned or under construction. Figure 181 shows the location of the beamlines in the experimental hall; a list of the public beamlines is presented in Table 9; and a list of the CRG beamlines in Table 10.

A new beamline complex dedicated to protein crystallography is under construction on ID23 as part of the Partnership for Structural Biology (PSB). The first beamline branch has recently been commissioned and is starting users' operation. A second branch will be constructed in 2004.

The High Pressure beamline will be moved to a new location, ID27, that was previously used for an industrial beamline. The beamline will be rebuilt in a refurbished form.


Fig. 181: Experimental hall with the operational and scheduled beamlines (public and CRG beamlines).



Table 9: List of the ESRF public beamlines in operation and under construction.



Table 10: List of the Collaborating Research Group beamlines in operation and under construction.