Besides the ESRF, the European Synchrotron located in Grenoble, France, a large number of particle accelerators / storage rings around the world are dedicated to basic and applied research using synchrotron X-rays. Far from being exhaustive, the following list provides links to other synchrotrons, sorted by continent/country of location.

Location Institution
Denmark: ISA (Aarhus).
France: Soleil (Orsay).
Germany: KIT (Karlsruhe), BESSY II (Berlin), DELTA (Dortmund), DESY (Hamburg).
Italy: Elettra (Trieste).
Poland: Solaris (Krakow)
Spain: ALBA (Barcelona).
Sweden: MAXIV (Lund).
Switzerland: SLS (PSI) (Villigen).
United Kingdom: Diamond (Didcot).
Brazil: Sirius at LNLS (Campinas SP).
Canada: CLS (Saskatoon).
USA: ALS (Berkeley CA), APS (Argonne IL), CAMD (Baton Rouge LA), DFELL (Durham NC), CHESS (Ithaca NY), NSLS (Upton NY), SSRL (Stanford CA), SURF III (Gaithersburg MD).
China (PR): SSRF (Shanghai).
India: INDUS 1 and 2 (Indore).
Japan: Photon Factory (Tsukuba), SPring-8 (Nishi Harima).
Russia: Synchrotron source at Kurchatov Institute (Moscow).
South Korea: Pohang Accelerator Lab (Pohang).
Taiwan: SRRC (Hsinchu).
Thailand: SLRI (Nakhon Ratchasima).
Australia: Australian Synchrotron (Clayton).