The diffractometer is based on PILATUS2M detector, it combines advantages of pixel area detector with flexible goniometry and easy re-positioning of the detector in vertical and horizontal directions. The diffractometer can be used for single crystal, powder, and thin film diffraction experiments. PILATUS@SNBL is controlled by Pylatus software that also supports Oxford Cryostream700+ (80-500K), locally developed heater (RT-600C), ESRF heat blower (RT-1000C), and flow cryostat (5-300K); the same software can be used to program a sequence of diffraction experiments at various conditions.

The data collected with help of the diffractometer are preprocessed with SNBL Tool BOX and then can treated with  BUBBLE, PyFi or Fit2D (powder) of CryAlis Pro (single crystal). Thin film data collection strategies are similar to those reported for a k-diffractometer.


Technical data

1.       Powder diffraction data collection and processing

2.       Resolution in powder diffraction mode

3.       Single crystal data collection and processing

4.       Thin film data collection and processing

5.       High pressure diffraction experiments

6.       Heater – temperature calibration data

SNBL Software

Dyadkin, V., Pattison, Ph., Dmitriev, V., Chernyshov, D. A new multipurpose diffractometer PILATUS@SNBL J. Synchrotron Rad., 23, 3, 2016