User Meeting 2019

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User Meeting Plenary Session

UDM 1. "ID29: Tunable past and time-resolved future"
UDM 2. "X-ray microscopy in biology: recent applications, challenges and opportunities"
UDM 3. "Exploiting coherent X-rays at ESRF: robust tools for imaging and dynamics"
Tutorials (programmes & scopes)
T.1 Strategies to improve sample preservation (preparation and environment) for the synchrotron based X-ray analyses of biological samples
T.2 EXAFS data analysis
T.3 Coherent X-rays: a unique tool for structural and dynamical studies
T.4 Volume image analysis of tomographic data
T.5 SAXS analysis strategies & softwares
T.6  X-ray spectroscopy simulations using Crispy and Quanty
T.7 Laue microdiffraction
T.8 PyNX
T9. Gender parity in science