User Meeting 2018

(UDM = User-Dedicated Microsymposium)
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User Meeting Plenary Session
UDM 1. "Opportunities in High Pressure  Science at the ESRF"
UDM 2. "Metallurgy and Materials Processing"
UDM 3. "Understanding Neurological Diseases: Synchrotron Science in a Multidisciplinary Approach"
Tutorials (Programme & Scopes)
T1. Social media: a new challenge for communicating science
T2. MX BAG Meeting
T3. XRF Analysis with PyMca
T4. EXAFS data analysis including hands-on practicals
T5. XPCS - techniques, data & perspectives
T6. Volume image analysis of tomographic data
T7. SAXS analysis of tomographic data
T8. Nuclear resonance applications including hands-on practicals
T9. X-ray spectroscopy simulations using Crispy and Quanty
T10. Laue microdiffraction
T11. PSCM equipment and techniques
T12. PyNX