User Meeting 2017


(UDM = User-Dedicated Microsymposium)

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User Meeting Plenary Session
UDM 1. "Advances and new science with resonant inelastic X-ray scattering"
UDM 2. "Quantitative coherent X-ray diffraction imaging"
UDM 3. "Operando structural studies in Materials Science"

Tutorials (Scopes and programme)

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T1. Social Media: a new challege for communication science?
T2. MX-BAG meeting
T3. XRF Analysis with PyMca
T4. X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy: tutorials, data analysis and hands-on-practicals
T5. Coherence reconstruction Software including hands-on practicals
T6. Volume image analysis of tomographic data
T7. Overview of SAXS/WAXS Data reduction and analysis using WiSAXS
T8. Nuclear resonance application including hands-on-practicals