The program XASMAP is dedicated to the analysis of large quantities of XANES spectra collected on the ID24 dispersive EXAFS beamline in the Turbo-XAFS mode, applied specifically to mapping applications. XASMAP is entirely developped using the Matlab application.



1) This program allows reading both, data collected in the transmission or in the fluorescence mode; including the energy calibration of spectra. 
2) It proposes two different ways for the normalization of spectra: i) a "fast" normalization mode, that requires only a few seconds to normalize thousands of XANES for rapid diagnostic of data quality, mapping area, etc.; ii) a  "regular" normalization mode that takes much more processing time, but provides more accurate results.
3) It is possible to visualize and save "raw", pre-edge-" and "normalized-"data in the ascii format.
4) Map visualization with adjustable colorscale, and with possibility of saving in the jpg format: i) "edge-jump" map; ii) "edge-position" map; iii) "absorbance" map at selected energy; iv) set color scale boundaries on the desired map, average selected region and save spectrum in the ascii format.

Forthcoming: i) several improvements related to normalization processes, re-loading features and map analyses; 2) using the program as stand-alone application on several platefoms (at the moment the program is not fully compiled and only runs on an internal UNIX server of the ESRF)

This program has been created by Manuel Muñoz (website)