Note for clients who were previously using the "on site" procedure.

The COVID-19 pandemic has introduced a number of operational constraints that have to be applied to ESRF users and staff alike. The need for social distancing, as well as potential travel restrictions for users due to regulations adopted by the various national authorities and/or users’ institutions, have led to a preference for mail-in (also known as “remote”) experiments over the coming months. In a mail-in experiment, samples are made available to the concerned ESRF beamline staff and the experiment is carried out via remote communication between the users and the local contact.

The workflow for mail-in experiments is significantly different from what you are used to for onsite experiments. To help you prepare, organise and run your experiment, we have created this information page.


IM experiment: all industrial mail in experiments that are not macromolecular crystallography experiments


A note on terminology. This procedure for our industrial clients is adapted from the existing one for academic users who come to the ESRF to do public research. For technical reasons, some of the terms used may not correspond exactly to an industrial experiment, eg. you will see "Proposal" instead of "Experiment", "Proposer" instead of "Main Contact", "Co-Proposer" instead of "Other Scientists participating in Experiment", etc.

Main Contact

The Main Contact is the scientist responsible for collecting information on behalf of the experimental team, for coordinating arrangements for the group and for transmitting details to the ESRF.  The experiment number is linked to the Main Contact's name and password.  Please consult carefully the instructions given below before proceeding.