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BLISS - Beamline Control Software

BLISS (BeamLine Instrumentation Support Software) is the new ESRF experiment control system that will be used to run the beamlines after the ESRF Extremely Brilliant Source upgrade (ESRF-EBS).

The project started back in December 2015 within the Beamline Control Unit of the ESRF, and BLISS will gradually replace SPEC which has been in place at the ESRF since 1992. The current implementation status, showing which beamlines have moved to BLISS and which are still running SPEC for now, is shown in section 2 below and is regularly updated (see date below the table).

BLISS provides a holistic approach to synchrotron experiments control. The scope of the project goes from hardware control up to the end-user interface. It is built as a modular pile of frameworks, that are orchestrated from one single command-line interface for users to be able to run their own custom scripts.

The BLISS programming language is Python and can therefore be easily embedded into any Python application, paving the way for advanced data management and online data analysis.

More information can be found in the dedicated area of the open source GitLab project.


Beamline  Description Beamline Control Software
ID01 Nano/Micro-diffraction Imaging Beamline SPEC
BM01 Swiss-Norwegian  Diffraction and Crystallography CRG Beamline (SNBL-I) SPEC
ID02 Time-Resolved Ultra Small-Angle X-Ray Scattering Beamline SPEC
BM02 French Anomalous Diffraction and SAXS/WAXS CRG Beamline (D2AM) SPEC
ID03 Surface Diffraction Beamline CLOSED
 (will become the new EBSL Beamline for Hard X-ray Microscopy)
BM05 X-ray Imaging Beamline SPEC
Not Public
ID06-HXM New Beamline (will eventually move to ID03)
Hard X-ray Microscopy Beamline
ID06-LVP Large Volume Press Beamline SPEC
BM07 New Beamline replacing BM30A
French Biological Macromolecules Diffraction CRG Beamline (FIP2-BM07)
BM08 Italian X-ray Absorption and Spectroscopy CRG Beamline (LISA) SPEC
ID09 Time resolved Structural Dynamics Beamline SPEC
ID10 Soft Interfaces and Coherent Scattering Beamline BLISS
ID11 Materials Science Beamline BLISS
ID12 Circular Polarisation Beamline SPEC
ID13 Microfocus Beamline BLISS
BM14 New Beamline replacing BM26A
Dutch-Belgian Spectroscopy CRG Beamline (DUBBLE-II)
ID15A Materials Chemistry and Materials Engineering Beamline BLISS
ID15B High Pressure Diffraction Beamline SPEC
ID16A-NI Nano-Imaging Beamline SPEC
ID16B-NA Nano-Analysis Beamline SPEC
BM16 French Absorption Spectroscopy CRG Beamline (FAME-UHD) SPEC
ID17 Biomedical Beamline SPEC
ID18 Nuclear Resonance Beamline SPEC
BM18 New Beamline
EBSL Imaging Beamline
ID19 Microtomography Beamline BLISS
ID20 Inelastic Scattering I Beamline SPEC
BM20 The Rossendorf Beamline (ROBL) SPEC
ID21 X-ray Micro spectroscopy Beamline BLISS
ID22 High Resolution Powder Diffraction Beamline BLISS
ID23-1 Structural Biology MAD Beamline BLISS
ID23-2 Structural Biology Microfocus Beamline BLISS
BM23 X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy Beamline BLISS
ID24 UPGRADED Beamline
High Brillance X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy - Scanning and Energy Dispersive XAS
BM25A Beamline moved to Alba CLOSED
BM25 New Beamline replacing BM25B
Spanish Spectroscopy and Diffraction CRG Beamline (SpLine)
ID26 X-ray Absorption and Emission Spectroscopy Beamline BLISS
BM26 New Beamline replacing BM26B
Dutch-Belgian SAXS/WAXS CRG Beamline ( DUBBLE-I)
ID27 UPGRADED Beamline
High Pressure Beamline
ID28 Inelastic Scattering II Beamline SPEC
BM28 UK Materials Science CRG Beamline  (XMaS) SPEC
ID29 UPGRADED Beamline
EBSL Structural Biology SSX Beamline
BM29 Structural Biology Bio-SAXS Beamline BLISS
ID30A-1 Structural Biology Mail-in Beamline BLISS
ID30A-3 Structural Biology Minibeam Beamline BLISS
ID30B Structural Biology MAD Beamline BLISS
BM30 New Beamline replacing BM30B
French Absorption and Spectroscopy CRG Beamline (FAME)
ID31 Interface and Material Processing Beamline BLISS
BM31 Swiss-Norwegian XAS and HRPD Beamline (SNBL-II) SPEC
ID32 Soft X-ray Spectroscopy Beamline SPEC
BM32 French Surfaces & InterFaces CRG Beamline (IF) SPEC
Cryo-EM CM01 Structural Biology Single Particle Cryo-Electron Microscope -

Updated on 11/06/2020