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UGA-ESRF Joint Symposium

UGA-ESRF Joint Symposium

DEADLINE FOR REGISTRATION: Tuesday, May 9th. ESRF and UGA are pleased to invite you to a scientific day, entitled "UGA-ESRF Joint Symposium", on May 22nd 2023 at Minatec. The objective of this day is to bring together scientists from ESRF & UGA, in order to share the scientific advances & challenges around the new possibilities offered by synchrotron radiation at ESRF & to create or strengthen links that could lead to fruitful collaborations on the Grenoble site. The event will be held in English.

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This day will focus on the following topics, among others

  • Biology, Health: Alexandra Pacureanu (ESRF) & Jacques-Philippe Colletier (IBS, UGA)
  • Environmental sciences: Hiram Castillo-Michel (ESRF) & Alejandro Fernandez-Martinez (ISTerre, UGA)
  • Condensed matter, materials and energy: Sandrine Lyonnard (SyMMES, UGA) & Julie Villanova (ESRF)
  • Data, artificial intelligence: Violaine Louvet (GRICAD, UGA) & Vincent Favre-Nicolin (ESRF)

In addition to plenary lectures, a large place will be left to exchanges, around a lunch, a poster session for which we expect your contributions that we hope numerous, as well as round tables.

The participation to this day will be free but on registration. We strongly encourage PhD students and post-docs to participate.


  • Sophie Achard (UGA - MSTIC)
  • Hugues Bodiguel (UGA - PEM)
  • Patrick Bruno (ESRF)
  • Fabrice Brunet (UGA - PAGE)
  • Marine Cotte (ESRF)
  • Luigi Paolasini (ESRF)
  • Joanna Timmins (UGA - CBS)


  • Luce Chabert (ESRF)
  • Martine Fiodorov (UGA)
  • Sarah Lhossein (UGA)
  • Anne-Françoise Maydew (ESRF)