Talk recordings and PDF Slides

Thursday, 14th January 2021

Welcome: R. Torchio and H. Reichert

Status of the High Power Laser Facility on ID24 - Nicolas Sévelin-Radiguet, ESRF Grenoble, France ... PDF

Single pulse experiments on ID09/ESRF for dynamic compression and structural dynamics - Michael Wulff, ESRF Grenoble, France ... PDF

Beamline ID19: a versatile station for time-resolved hard X-ray micro-imaging - Alexander Rack, ESRF Grenoble, France ... PDF

Single-shot XAS on laser shock compressed Fe-rich alloys: FeNi, FeSi and Fe oxides - Katja Voigt, HZDR, Germany, Alexis Amouretti, IMPMC, France ...PDF

X-rays as a probe for dynamic compression experiments - Charles Pépin, CEA-DAM-DIF Arpajon, France ... PDF

Application of XPCI to the incipient stages of material failure on ID19 - David Chapman, University of Oxford, UK

Dynamic compression response of SiO2 at different strain rates - Karen Appel, XFEL, Germany ... PDF

Constraints on the crystallization kinetics in shock compressed MgSiO3 - Jean-Alexis Hernandez, University of Oslo, Norway

X ray absorption spectroscopy with X-rays from a laser wakefield accelerator - Stuart Mangles, Imperial College London, UK ... PDF

Understanding complex dynamic response through new diagnostic and analysis methods - Minta Akin, LLNL, USA ... PDF

Shock induced phase transitions of the Noblemetals at the Dynamic Compression Sector - Richard Briggs, LLNL, USA

The Matter in Extreme Conditions instrument at LCLS - Gilliss Dyer, LCLS, USA  ...  PDF

Friday, 15th January 2021

GeO2 under dynamic compression: from macroscopic to microscopic characterisation - Tommaso Vinci, LULI, France

High pressure investigation of liquid and amorphous systems using X-ray absorption spectroscopy - Paola d’Angelo, Universitá La Sapienza Rome, Italy ... PDF

Dynamic fragmentation process involved in brittle solids: towards a better understanding of the relationship between microstructural parameters and strain-rate sensitivity - Pascal Forquin, Université Grenoble Alpes, France

Behavior of Bulk metallic glasses under laser shock - Didier Loison, Université de Rennes, France

Energy transport dynamics observed in warm dense copper using femtosecond time-resolved XANES spectroscopy - Ludovic Lecherbourg, CEA-DAM-DIFArpajon, France ... PDF

HED science with intense heavy-ion pulses at GSI/FAIR - Paul Neumayer, GSI Darmstadt, Germany ... PDF

An introduction to First Light Fusion and our studies of matter compressed by projectile impact - Hugo Doyle, First Light Fusion Ltd Oxford, UK

Application of dynamic compression combined with X-ray diagnostics to geophysics and planetary science - Guillaume Morard, ISTerre Grenoble, France