Before and during the workshop, two satellite sessions will be proposed, provided that a minimum number of participants have registered.

Optional introduction (Wednesday 22 January, 09:30-10:25)

In this session, basic information will be provided about how the ESRF operates: its organisation, the beamlines, the different types of beamtime access. Advice will be given for preparing proposals and making a visit to the ESRF a complete success.

Tutorials and practical (Friday 24 January, 09:00-10:15)

  • PyMca ROI imaging for the study of hyperspectral data: The PyMca software is regularly used for (batch) fitting of X-ray fluorescence data. However, the software can be used for a wide variety of hyperspectral data (e.g. µFTIR maps, µXRD maps…). The tutorial will focus on the capabilities of the tool “ROI Imaging”, in particular for the calculation of images and average spectra from hyperspectral maps.
  • X-ray tomography: Advice will be given on the organization of a tomography experiment at the ESRF and the optimization of experimental configurations will be discussed, if possible based on examples proposed by participants.
  • X-ray diffraction phase identification: Identifying the crystalline phases in a powder diffraction pattern is the first step to validate the crystalline composition of a sample. This tutorial is an introduction to the use of a search-match software with the Crystallography Open Database (COD). The schedule will be 45 minutes of software explanations followed by a 45-minute hands-on session with practical examples.

Registration of ESRF and CRG Staff for above tutorials and practical

To ensure sufficient space for external participants, ESRF and CRG staff will not be able to register for tutorials until after the registration deadline, and providing there are places left for the desired tutorial.

ESRF and CRG staff interested in participating in a tutorial have the possibility to register on a waiting list of the desired tutorial through their electronic registration form (see page "Questions").