P1 A. Abdrabou (student) Investigation of ancient Egyptian polychrome wooden artifacts by the combined use of imaging and handheld XRF spectroscopy
P2 M. Alfeld Smart*Light – An Inverse Compton Source for Cultural Heritage
P3 I. Allegretta Combining µXRF and µCT for the characterization of meteorites: the case of NWA8657 shergottite
P4 V. Antunes Iberian ties: technical and ideological evolution from Zurbarán to Baltazar Gomes Figueira and Josefa d’ Óbidos
P5 T. Arlt Accessing inks on Egyptian papyri using synchrotron X-ray techniques
P6 P.O. Autran Structural investigation of black inks from Ancient Egyptian papyri

E. Avranovich Clerici (student)

Macro and Micro-level X-Ray powder diffraction mapping of Giotto and Cimabue fresco fragments from Assisi Cathedral
P8 C. Berruyer Egyptian animal cult investigated with Synchrotron light:
Mummies from the Grenoble Natural History Museum
P9 V. Beyrand Multiphase progenetic development shaped the brain of flying archosaurs
P10 O. Bonnerot Are X-rays safe for manuscripts’ materials?
P11 M.C. Caggiani Insight into Ancient Roman polychrome surfaces: investigation campaign at “Parco Archeologico del Colosseo” (Rome, Italy)
P12 Z. Chahardoli  (student) A Technical Investigation On a 20th Century Oil Painting by Jules Gustave Lempereur
P13 D. Chen The origin of teeth and tooth replacement revealed by 3D synchrotron virtual palaeohistology
P14 T. Christiansen A study of scarlet inks from an ancient Egyptian temple library under synchrotron lights
P15 L. Cortella 50 years’ experience of gamma irradiation for remedial conservation of cultural heritage at ARC-Nucléart
P16 C. Costantino (student) Lead calcium phosphates in Cultural Heritage objects: an integrated analytical approach for studying their origin and formation
P17 P. Dararutana X-ray tomographic microscopy study of ancient ceramics from Thailand archaeological site
P18 J. Debrie (student) Comparative study of Messinian fossil stromatolites and modern analogs from Sardinia: deciphering paleogeobiological archives
P19 T. De Kock Conceptualizing a 4D laboratory X-ray CT dataset of stone weathering
P20 M. During Synchrotron X-ray imaging of sturgeons and paddlefishes from Tanis, North Dakota (USA), reveals End-Cretaceous seasonality
P21 A. Fedrigo X-ray or neutron imaging?
P22 E. Figueiredo A XANES study of the Sn K-edge in slag by-products from tin smelting experiments
P23 D. Geffard-Kuriyama The TRIPHON 3D platform
P24 M. Ghirardello (student) Micro-Photoluminescence Imaging of intact and degraded Cadmium Yellow paint cross-sections
P25 L.C. Giannossa Gold application on gilded and enamelled glass objects from Southern Italy
P26 A. Gojska Compatibility of spectroscopic techniques in comparative measurements of historical Polish coins
P27 S. Harding Synchrotron Circular Dichroism spectroscopy: a brief review of its potential for investigations of interactions in archaeological wood systems
P28 G. Lanzafame Geopolymers: innovative green materials for cultural heritage conservation-restoration
P29 M. Larsson Coutinho Co and Cu K-edge XANES study of the glazed tiles from the Fronteira Palace (Lisbon, Portugal)
P30 L. Li Investigations of the elemental evidences in Art and Archaeology with the X-ray Fluorescence Microscopy at APS
P31 E. Maryanti  (student) The synchrotron radiation based investigation of prehistoric rock art from Saleh cave,  Borneo island, Indonesia
P32 J. Mirao Characterization of colour changes in limestone sculptures using X-ray based methods
P33 E. Mista-Jakubowska (student) A possibility of detection of chemical soldering in medieval jewellery
P34 L. Nodari An unusual CN stretching in Prussian Blue painted materials
P35 C. Noirot (student) Oxidation-reduction effects on copper colour in glasses and glazes
P36 N. Nurdini (student) Physicochemical Identification Based Synchrotron Radiation of Prehistoric Pigments in Tewet Cave, Sangkullirang-Mangkalihat Site, Borneo Island-Indonesia
P37 S. Raneri Synchrotron micro-XRF imaging and micro-XANES spectroscopy at the new PUMA beamline at SOLEIL
P38 E. Sozontov Ancient manuscripts research using radiations of different spectral ranges and complementary techniques
P39 A. Trosseau (student) Informative potential of Fe and Mn K edge X-ray absorption spectroscopy for the distinction of pictorial layers from the wall support of prehistoric decorated caves and rock shelters
P40 V. Vaskaninova Synchrotron tomography as a perfect tool to successfully imagine large and flattened fossils
P41 J.P. Veiga From ceramics and glasses to mortars and stones: using synchrotron radiation to study cultural heritage
P42 P. Wils Is it worth spending so much time? A comparative study on micro-CT segmentation techniques for quantitative investigations of bone.