Accelerating voltage

300 kV (lower accelerating voltages will be made available at a later stage).

Electron source

High brightness Schottky Field Emission Gun (X-FEG).

Lens system

3 condenser lens system.
C-TWIN objective lens (focal length = 3.5 mm; Cc = 2.7 mm; Cs = 2.7 mm) allows for tilts up to 70°.

Operating temperature


Sample handling system

Cryo-autoloader that can accommodate a maximum of twelve AutoGridsTM.

Sample exchange time

< 1 min if in the cryo-autoloader.


Gatan K3 direct electron detector mounted on a Gatan Bioquantum LS/967 energy filter. Counting or super resolution mode (8 k x 8 k).

Phase plate

FEI Volta phase plate allowing phase shift tuneable between 45° and 90° to provide optimal phase transfer.

Acquisition software

Latest version of EPU.
Other systems may be implemented later.