The possibilities offered in this section are also available in remote mode, when experiments are controlled from your lab.

High throughput screening of frozen crystal

A G-Rob robotized sample changer, equipped with a dual gripper) allows rapid mounting of frozen crystals on the goniometer. The storage Dewar can host 3 SPINE format pucks. Vials have to be « Mitegen » or « Molecular Dimension » types.

Data collection at fixe wavelength

A MD2 goniometer is available for data collection on frozen crystals or crystals in capillaries.

Anomalous diffraction experiments

Selection of the wavelength between 5 to 25 keV.

In situ screening and data collection

For a better efficiency, or to avoid handling and freezing fragile crystals, crystallographic data can be recording on crystals still in their crystallization drop. This so-called « in situ » technique, available on FIP-BM30A since 2006, is made possible by the G-Rob system.

A Visualization Bench with a fully motorized inverted microscope is also available off-line for vis. light plate screening and crystal listing.

X-ray spectrometer

X-ray fluorescence spectrum can me measured with a Roentec X-Flash multi channel analyzer. This is required for the proper choice of wavelengths during an anomalour diffraction experiment, but can be used also for the detection of metal atoms in your protein.

On demand

On-line UV-Vis absorption spectroscopy

A UV-vis micro-spectrophotometer is available on demand for absorption meausurements coupled to diffraction experiments.

Humidity controlled experiments

High pressure experiments

Services available off-line

Crystalization with the Opticrys bench

OptiCrys is a crystal growth apparatus for Optimization of protein Crystallization. It consists in the crystal growth bench that, in addition to accurate temperature control (with a temperature range of 233K-353K), also allows chemical composition of the crystallization solution (e.g. precipitant concentration, pH, additive) to be varied in an automated manner. OptiCrys enables monitoring and controlling the crystallization processes that allow producing crystals of specific sizes and morphology optimized for downstream structure determination.

Opticrys is available under a collaborative mode. Please, contact beamline staff if interested.