The COVID-19 pandemic has introduced a number of operational constraints that have to be applied to ESRF users and staff alike. The need for social distancing, as well as potential travel restrictions for users due to regulations adopted by the various national authorities and/or users’ institutions, means that various restrictions are in place for users coming onsite for their experiments.

The number of onsite users allowed per session is not limited. This concerns all types of experiments: Structural Biology experiments and non-Structural Biology experiments. Whether the experiment should be carried out remotely or with onsite users (or in a mixed mode) must be discussed and agreed with the Local Contact, but in all cases the maximum limit of users/staff allowed in a beamline hutch at any one time must be respected at all times.

This page contains information for users coming onsite for an experiment, and for Main Proposers who need to declare both onsite and remote users. Reduced logistics are in place on the site so please read the information below carefully.

For information concerning the latest COVID-19 travel restrictions to the ESRF, please read our User news item.