For each scheduled proposal, the ESRF generates a UNIX account on the NICE system - ESRF Networked Interactive Computing Environment -  for the collection and transfer of the data generated on the beamline during the experimental session. The account

  • can be accessed by using individual (SMIS) logins from inside or outside the ESRF, or using the generic proposal login from inside the ESRF only,
  • is open10 days before the starting date of the scheduled beamtime (except for Structural Biology experiments for which it is open 30 days before the experimental starting date),
  • is closed automatically and data deleted, 90 days after the end date of the experimental session. A notification email is sent to the participants of the experiment prior to the deletion of the data. Even after their deletion from NICE, raw data are available from the data portal using individual (SMIS) logins.

1. Access to your NICE data from inside the ESRF

Accessing to your NICE data from inside the ESRF can be done using individual (SMIS) accounts or generic proposal accounts.

  1. Individual (SMIS) account: login and password used by an individual user to connect to the User Portal. Resetting this password can be done here.
  2. Generic proposal account: The login corresponds to the experiment number.

For example, for the experiment CH-1000, the login is: ch1000 (case-sensitive: small letters only). The initial randomly generated password (available to all users and the local contact registered on the A form) is available from the User Portal "A form" as described below:

  • Go to the User Portal
  • Choose tab 'Proposals/Experiments'
  • Select 'A Form' 
  • Select 'View A Form'
  • In the tab 'Session', see 'Initial password'

It can be modified here or directly from the NICE account through the unix command 'sitepasswd'. Note that a change of the generic password concerns the whole team and will not be available from the A-form anymore. Make sure you inform all the proposal users of this change.

2. Access to your NICE data from outside the ESRF

Accessing your data on NICE from outside the ESRF can only be done using individual (SMIS) account, and is described here.