The data reduction routines you will use depend on the type of detection system used for your experiment. Data typically collected using Frelon CCD/Eiger4M cameras. Raw data files are saved in HDF5 format with compression.


XRD data reduction routines can be provided with the following softwares: 

Furthermore, there exist many other programs to help data reduction. These include:

  • Image_math ([acf]image_math on amber/crunch/fable) add, subtract or find the median of a sequence of files
  • Caking program rapid integration of 2D frames.
  • does the same task by writing fit2d macros

Multiple grain datasets can be handled by the programs being developed as part of the TotalCryst project. These are available from the fable sourceforge project pages.


Tomographic reconstructions routines can be provided with the following inhouse softwares:

  • Tomwer canvas (GUI for tomo reconstruction, see Tomwer webpage)
  • Nabu (python API for GPU based tomo reconstruction, see Nabu Webpage)