MASSIF-1: Rise of the robots transforms MX


A new era of automation in structural biology has begun with the opening of the upgrade beamline MASSIF-1. MASSIF-1, which stands for « massively automated sample selection integrated facility », is a world leading unique facility for the fully automatic, high throughput characterisation and data collection from macromolecular crystals.

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With 9424 crystals processed since opening, the facility is not only highly efficient but often collects better data than human operators.

MASSIF-1, which is operated by the ESRF and EMBL Joint structural Biology Group, is proving highly popular with the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, providing rapid access fragment screening with a cost efficient service.

Discover the video of MASSIF-1.

Top image: MASSIF-1: massively automated sample selection integrated facility. Photo: ESRF/Max Alexander