Beauty of science: bioceramic jawbone


This 2.8 mm-diameter cylinder represents a regenerating-bone biopsy with bioceramic particles taken from the jawbone of ESRF beamline scientist Alexander Rack.

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Among their many surgical applications, bioceramic materials are used to help jawbone regenerate following the loss of a tooth due to infection. This sample, imaged six months after implantation, was scanned using high-resolution computed tomography at beamline ID19 and shows the integration between a commercial bioceramic (white) and new bone tissue (red). Images such as this allow researchers to determine how the degradation speed, microporosity and other properties of bioceramic particles impact bone regeneration.



This article originally appeared in ESRFnews, July 2013. 

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Top image: Image credit: A. Rack/ESRF; M. Stiller, C. Berlin, C. Knabe/University of Marburg (Germany).