"The European XFEL: start of user operation and first results" - S. Pascarelli

ESRF-ILL Online Colloquium
Start Date
29-01-2021 14:00
End Date
29-01-2021 15:00
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Coordinator contact(s)
Anne-Fran├žoise Maydew

Scientific contact(s)
Patrick Bruno


ESRF-ILL Online Colloquium

"The European XFEL: start of user operation and first results"

Presented by Sakura Pascarelli, European XFEL, Hamburg

Friday, January 29th at 14:00

European XFEL, Holzkoppel4, 22869, Schenefeld, Germany


In the past decade we have seen very important developments in the field of accelerator based X-ray user facilities, with the advent of 4th generation synchrotron sources and MHz rate free electron lasers.   The first hard X-ray free-electron laser, LCLS (US) became operational in 2009 and over the last decade four additional hard X-ray FELs have begun user operation. Among these, the Eu-XFEL is the first hard XFEL powered by a superconducting linear accelerator, which enables MHz rate pulse generation. A specificity of XFELs is their very short pulse duration (10-100fs) opening new scientific opportunities to probe matter at the atomic scale, with chemical selectivity and bulk sensitivity, and at the relevant timescales.

After many years of construction, user operation at the Eu-XFEL ramped up gradually, and between 2017 and 2019 six instruments were delivered to the user community.  In this talk I will first briefly introduce the present performance of the facility in terms of electron and photon beam characteristics. I will then give an overview of recent science highlights and comment on some important challenges ahead.

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