Synchrotron X-rays Empowering Industrial R&D - ESRF, a toolbox for ligand-binding studies: which structural biology beamline for what kind of results?

ESRF Webinar
Start Date
19-10-2021 11:00
End Date
19-10-2021 11:30
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Coordinator contact(s)
Romain Talon

Following the ESRF-EBS Upgrade, industrial activity resumed on the structural biology beamlines day one after the restart. With the huge growth of fragment-based drug discovery, it is clear that ligand-binding studies now represent the core of our services and support for pharma and biotech. Our fully automated MASSIF-1 MX beamline is our obvious winner for fragment screening, but when it comes to other types of ligand-binding studies, what about our other automated and tunable MX beamlines, our BioSAXS beamline BM29 or our microfocused MX beamline ID23-2?

In this webinar you will discover the different types of results that you can obtain from our structural biology beamlines for your ligand-binding studies.

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