Nanoparticle Self-Assembly under Synchrotron Light

Online Seminar
Start Date
03-07-2020 14:00
End Date
03-07-2020 15:00
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Coordinator contact(s)
Narayan Theyencheri
Anne-Françoise Maydew
Scientific contact(s)
Andreï Petukhov

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#ESRFscience LIVE ONLINE SEMINAR:  3 JULY 2020 - 2.00 PM (CET)

“Nanoparticle Self-Assembly under Synchrotron Light"

Presentation  by Andrey V. Petukhov, Utrech University

van ’t Hoff laboratory, Debye Institute for nanomaterials science, Utrecht University;

Laboratory of physical chemistry, Eindhoven University of Technology;,


Soft matter and nanomaterials are two largely overlapping notions that greatly revolutionised materials science in the last decades. Here one of the key concepts is self-assembly, which leads to the appearance of structural features on the scales ranging from a nanometer to microns. In this lecture, I shall mainly focus on synchrotron studies of the self-assembly of nanoparticles, also known as colloids. After a short general introduction into the topic, I shall discuss the self-assembly of magnetic and non-magnetic cubic colloids with rounded edges [1,2]. In-situ studies of the self-organisation of semiconductor quantum dots at a liquid interface [3,4] will be illustrated. I shall describe our recent time-resolved study of the formation of microtubes [5,6], which we use as templates for the fabrication of chiral colloids [7,8]. Finally, new opportunities that can be provided by the EBS upgrade of the ESRF will be briefly discussed.


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All those interested are cordially invited to attend this online seminar.


The online seminar is now available on our YouTube channel:

The ESRF is organising a series of LIVE online seminars on the latest ESRF research. Our scientists will show examples of recent results of experiments carried out at the ESRF and will present what science EBS, the new Extremely Brilliant Source, will enable.

Funding: The organisation of this online seminar series is supported by STREAMLINE, a European project funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 870313.