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MHz X-ray Microscopy at European XFEL by Patrik Vagovic (XFEL)

ESRF webinar
Start Date
13-01-2022 14:00
End Date
13-01-2022 15:15
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Coordinator contact(s)
Claudine Roméro

Scientific contact(s)
Nicola Vigano

The European XFEL [1], provides unique opportunities for the characterisation of stochastic dynamics occurring in various systems, either naturally or in response to stimulation by an external force for example induced by lasers or mechanical forces. Properties of EuXFEL probe allow to obtain ultrashort (fs scale) X-ray snapshots with up to 4.5 million such snapshots per second [2]. This enables one to film individual realisations of fast stochastic processes in slow smooth motion at micro-meter spatial resolution capturing object velocities up to ~km/s scale. We will show recent progress and examples of stochastic dynamics imaged at SPB/SFX instrument of EuXFEL using MHz radiography. For complex dynamic structures access to 3D information is necessary. However, at MHz sampling rates is not possible by conventional approaches such as X-ray tomography. To be able to obtain volumetric information at such high frame rates (MHz) only possibility is to create set of probes rotated angularly around sample. Each XFEL pulse then provide simultaneous angular views which can provide 3D information. We will present preliminary results from first feasibility study of novel multi-projection imaging system for XFEL’s supported by EIC-Pathfinder MHz-Tomoscopy project [3]. This development will open up new possibilities to inspect dynamic matter in slow motion in 3D using hard X-rays 24keV -30keV.

[1] W. Decking et al., Nature Photonics 14, 391–397 (2020),
[2] P. Vagovič, et al., Optica 6, 1106-1109 (2019),
[3] EIC-Pathfinder MHz-Tomoscopy, Nov. 2021, Coordinator: Patrik Vagovič, CFEL, DESY

Patrik Vagovic currently works at the Experimental Research Division for Coherent Imaging, Center for Free-Electron Laser Science.  Patrik does research  Experimental Physics and time resolved X-ray microscopy optics and related instrumentation. Current activities: Development MHz microscopy program at EuXFEL

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