ESRF/ILL Colloquia: X-rays, innovation and entrepreneurship, Peter Hoghoj, Xenocs

ESRF-ILL colloquium
Start Date
04-06-2021 14:00
End Date
04-06-2021 15:30
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Coordinator contact(s)
Anne-Fran├žoise Maydew

Scientific contact(s)
Patrick Bruno
Ulli Koester


ESRF-ILL Online Colloquium

"X-rays, Innovation and Entrepreneurship"

Presented by Peter Høghøj , Xenocs SAS, Grenoble

Friday, June 4th at 14:00

Drawing on the presenter's personal experience with creating Xenocs as a spin-off company from ILL, the talk will give perspectives on the relationship of science and technology and entrepreneurship. Some of the key factors and critical moments in creating and developing a technology company along with lessons learned will be described and discussed.

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