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X-TOP 2014

Start Date
14-09-2014 13:30
End Date
19-09-2014 14:00
ESRF Grenoble and Villard de Lans
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Coordinator contact(s)
Isabelle Combe and Anne-Françoise Maydew

Scientific contact(s)
Vincent Favre-Nicolin
Jose Baruchel

XTOP brings together scientists from the fields of X-ray diffractometry, reflectometry, standing waves, coherent and conventional X-ray diffraction imaging and topography, as well as X-ray phase contrast imaging (radiography and micro- tomography). XTOP is thus one of the central scientific conference concerning methods and instrumentation in synchrotron-based high-resolution X-ray diffraction methods, phase contrast imaging, and micro-tomography.

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