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Monte Carlo simulation tools for X-ray imaging and fluorescence

Start Date
24-02-2014 09:00
End Date
25-02-2014 17:00
ESRF Auditorium
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Coordinator contact(s)
Fabienne Mengoni

Scientific contact(s)
Claudio Ferrero
Tom Schoonjans
Bruno Golosio

The number of applications of the Monte Carlo method in the fields of X-ray imaging and fluorescence has continuously increased over the past two decades, as witnessed by the breathtaking growth of related publications. Developers of Monte Carlo based algorithms/codes as well as their users have produced pioneering results for the prediction of experimental outcomes, the characterization of setups, for dosimetry or even quantification purposes.

During a two-day workshop, several eminent invited speakers and contributors will disseminate their work through a series of presentations.

Please note that there is free entry to this workshop.

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