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HSC19: Quantitative Imaging using X-rays and Neutrons

Start Date
15-05-2017 08:45
End Date
19-05-2017 18:00
EPN Science Campus (ESRF)
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Coordinator contact(s)
Claudine Roméro (ESRF)

Scientific contact(s)
Birgit Kanngiesser (TU Berlin)
Claudio Ferrero (ESRF)
Vincent Favre-Nicolin (ESRF)

Imaging techniques have seen an intense development using neutron and synchrotron radiation over the past 20 years, with brighter sources and more efficient detectors. Beyond experimental aspects, the data analysis workflow is essential for an efficient and objective interpretation of experimental data. This school will discuss the creation and use of images, with the help of "best practice" and "bad practice" examples, from the definition of experimental parameters, the reconstruction algorithms, to data visualization.

Techniques covered include: two and three-dimensional imaging, time-resolved experiments, absorption, phase-contrast, scanning microscopy, coherent diffraction imaging and ptychography...

The school will include one poster session, one day of practicals and one day of tutorials focusing on data analysis.

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