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HSC18: Neutrons and Synchrotron Radiation for Magnetism

Start Date
14-09-2015 08:45
End Date
18-09-2015 17:00
EPN Science Campus (ILL & ESRF)
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Coordinator contact(s)
Brigitte Dubouloz (ILL)
Claudine Roméro (ESRF)
Scientific contact(s)
Laurent Chapon (ILL)
Béatrice Grenier (UJF-CEA)
Luigi Paolasini (ESRF)

The objective of the Hercules Specialized Course is to combine theoretical and tutorial courses with practical lessons performed using neutrons and synchrotron radiation on state of the art instruments/beamlines. The practicals will take place at the European neutron (ILL) and synchrotron radiation (ESRF) facilities located in Grenoble.

The attendance will be limited to 24 participants (mainly PhD students and post-doctoral researchers) to allow an active participation in the tutorials and practicals, a strong interaction between the participants and the lecturers, as well as among the participants themselves.


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